Welcome to the bright, watercolor world of Margaret Organ-Kean. When her first color illustrations appeared in the wildly popular trading card game, Magic: the Gathering®, fans couldn’t get enough of her extraordinary vision. Her cards continue to be some of the most popular among collectors. Her artwork has also appeared in the Wizards of the Coast game, The Great Dalmuti, where her characters spring to vivid life. Here Organ-Kean shares new artwork featuring whimsical faeries, chess-playing elephants, resolute penguins and so much more. Often cleverly titled and always beautifully realized, Margaret Organ-Kean’s paintings delight the fantasy lover—and the child—inside us all.


Whole site! Bit by bit, and much of the information has just been transferred. The cool thing about the upgrade is that now I have a shop where you’ll be able to buy originals, prints, artists’ proofs and whatever else strikes my fancy. I’m also adding a new card signing policy, as in I am signing cards by mail again.