Signing Cards

If you would like your cards signed, I am happy to do so.  Please understand that under no circumstances do I accept any responsibility for your cards. They go through too many hands other than mine.

The procedures below are in effect as of July 8, 2016.

Basics (for Lion’s Eye Diamonds, see below)

The basic procedure is that you send me 6 cards, $6.00, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. I sign them in black Sharpy (unless you request something else) up the side, and send them back to you.


If you are outside the United States, send the self-addressed envelope, and $8.25 (postage is more). Please do not send International Reply Coupons; my local post office does not deal well with these.

Lion’s Eye Diamond

Lion’s Eye Diamonds can be up to 4 cards in your packet.

If you send me Lion’s Eye Diamonds from inside the United States, ┬áplease don’t send the stamped self-addressed envelope. Instead send $6.80 for Priority Mail Postage and enough money to cover the insurance –

1 Lion’s Eye Diamond $2.65
2 Lion’s Eye Diamonds $3.35
3 Lion’s Eye Diamonds $4.35
4 Lion’s Eye Diamonds $5.50

If you want to send me Lion’s Eye Diamonds from outside the United States, please email me at margaret at